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Plant the seeds of success, happiness, & confidence in your child with the world's
 #1 Personal Development Journal for Kids 
"My Gratitude Journal"
26 week Journey for kids (aged: 5-10 years) that develops key success habits through fun, interactive, and educational activities that your child will absolutely love!
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"My Gratitude Journal"

A 26-week journey of self-discovery for your child that will plant the seeds of success, happiness, and confidence to thrive in life. 
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Brent Pope, New Zealand born rugby television analyst, rugby journalist, charity worker, children's book author, after dinner speaker, founder of Outside in Art Gallery in Dublin Ireland and owner of POPE shirts and shoes.
"This book is such a subtle fun way of introducing children to a positive self-image. I grew up having little confidence and low self-esteem and I wish I had been able to tap into a book like this and emerge with greater self-belief and gratitude. It will teach children at an early stage to believe in themselves, be happy in their own skin and be thankful for their lives. It should be in every classroom in this country and is a great addition to any household. 
The stickers at the back is a fantastic idea". 
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